Cheap price with a professional moving service



A moving can be stressfull and keep you busy. 

It may happen easily to forget some important tasks during your moving period.

With our years of experience we prepared you a detailed memory-aid to help you manage the situation.

You must remember to advise before you move:

Your family and friends


Public services                                                                                                 

Electricity, Gas,  Hot water provider

Home telephone and cellular /    Internet  / Cable or satellite provider


Various services


Credit card    //    Financing company


Professional services     

Family doctor / Dentist

Insurance company - Your employer


 Provincial government

health insurance card

Quebec revenue agency          //   permit and car plate



Federal government

Postal office        //  Canada revenue agency


Day prior to the move verification

Return the copy of keys to landlord

Interruption of telephone line/ internet / cable or satellite service