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Advice for your moving

Our advices for your moving

  • Some tips to do your unpacking sucessfully
  • How to find a reliable piano mover


Some tips to do your unpacking sucessfully

During a moving, packing the boxes and all the items is an important step and this is why everybody talks about it. 

We are going to cover another important step: the Unpacking. This is the last step of the move but not the least. Even if you intend to unpack your belongings yourself we will offer you a professional moving service.

If you decide to unpack your items yourself it remains very important to do it carefully. Here are some tips to ease the unpacking process for you.

  • Getting your packaging done by professional movers will ensure unpackaging will be safe.
     The precious and fragile items will be well taken care of. 
  • We suggest you to unpack the essentials first ( kitchen ,bedroom ) 
  • You should not try to unpack everything within a day.

The kitchen and dining room

One of the main reasons to start witth the items of the kitchen is because the food will be wasted if they dont get unpacked and placed in the fridge soon enough. Then, it is also because you and your family will be soon hungry in the next 24hours. 

For the other items in the kitchen you can allow yourself a few days to unpack them.
Always prioritize the most important first.


It is mandatory to unpack the basic quickly such as the box with tooth paste, toilet paper etc.

The other items

After the most essantials items you can spend some time to the bedrooms and to install the decorations on each room. 

Taking your time is a good idea because on the first day you might be tired. Dont be too hard on yourself since most people are actually tired on their moving day. After a night of sleep you will have more energy and inspiration to decorate the new home properly. New house or new apartment is the perfect moment to change the decoration. 

The right decoration can set a good ambiance and bring you the daily energy you need.


How to choose a reliable piano mover? 

You are searching for a reliable piano mover in Montreal or for long distance contact us. 

There is a few tips to choose the right piano mover.

A piano gives a special touch on the decor of any house, condo or apartment. Either you use it a few times a month or ocassionally a few times a year, this piano may become a source of stress when it comes to his moving. It is because a piano can be quite fragile, expensive and takes lot of space. It is really not suggested to call friends to move your piano. We definetely suggest you to call real experts. There is specialised companies for piano moving and also professional moving companies that does long distance piano moving. 

Finding a reliable piano mover

In order to Find this professional company that will transport your piano you can use the internet. You can even ask to the specialised store where you purchased your piano to suggest you a company. 

Once you found the company you must ask them for a quote. 
Do not hesitate to ask them about their procedures and techniques to protect and transport the piano. You can question them on the equipment they will use to  wrap and transport it.

Furthermore, you should ask them if they will disassemble partially the piano. What will they do if the piano cannot get in the new address by the door. Are they experienced enough to transport it through the balcony. Beware that only an expert should take the risk to transport your precious piano through the balcony.

Once the company asked you a few questions they will be able to provide you a detailed quote. You may of course compare with few companies. When comparing companies it is important to avoid comparing only their quote.
We suggest you to compare the reputation of those companies, how many years they are in business, their professionalism, their customer service, their knowledge and expertise of their field. 
It is also good to do business with a serious company that is registered with a tax number and a company that accepts various methods of payments such as credit cards, cheque and cash.

The serious company should also provide you with a clear contract and simple receipt.
Don,t wait for the trouble to ask the right questions. Go ahead and ask them what coverage they offer, 
what is their claim procedures if anything happens.

Delivering my piano to my new address

At the destination address, the movers will take the appropriate time to unpack the piano. If necessary they will also re-assemble some parts and install the piano in the room you want. It will be done with care and they will use professional equipment. This is the way serious movers deliver your piano.

It is important that you have had already removed all furnitures or objects that may slow them when they will bring the piano to the room you want. It is important to keep some empty space around the piano since it is a precious and fragile item. Also consider to choose a room where the temperature doesnt vary a lot. Big variation of temperatures can affect the mechanism of your piano negatively. This means it is not suggested to have the piano close to a window, of a door or of the heating system. The room must be well isolated.

Right after the moving make sure the piano has had no physical dammages.